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Episode 47

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9th Feb 2024

How Engage AI Is Transforming Social Selling on LinkedIn with Jason Tan #047

In this interview, Derrick chats with Jason Tan, the founder of Engage AI. 

They shed light on the strategies that propelled the platform's growth to an impressive 30,000 users in just three months. 

Jason recounts his journey as a technical founder and the challenges he faced in sales and marketing, which brought to explore alternative methods to building his business. He particularly emphasizes the effectiveness of engaging with prospects through LinkedIn comments. 

The discussion highlights the significance of personal branding, user-friendly features of Engage AI, and presents eye-opening statistics about the sales opportunities on LinkedIn. Through this interview, you’re going to gain valuable insights into the strategies that drove Engage AI's rapid growth which you will be able to implement for yourself or your team, right away.  

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Time Stamps:

[2:40] - Jason shares his journey as a technical founder before launching Engage AI, having previously established another venture. Despite English being his second language, he, like many technical founders, found direct sales and marketing daunting. However, he discovered that engaging with his audience through LinkedIn comments was a passive yet effective approach. Actively participating in discussions and interacting with comments led to one-on-one InMail conversations, often progressing to Discovery Calls and acquiring new customers (the Commenting for Attention Strategy).

[5:00] - When establishing a personal brand on social media, similar to not everyone being suited to public speaking, not everyone can be equally active and visible through writing and creating videos. Expanding on this analogy, even if one may not take on the role of the keynote speaker, they can still participate in the conference, networking with others as a means to generate leads.

[8:50] - Derrick provides a brief overview of how the Engage AI Chrome extension operates in conjunction with LinkedIn, highlighting its user-friendly nature. He emphasizes that users retain control over the tool, ensuring that it doesn't post anything unusual without their explicit consent.

[10:40] - Jason elaborates on how Engage AI prioritizes safety and compliance to prevent LinkedIn profiles from being restricted. This precaution is particularly crucial as the platform is vigilant in restricting accounts utilizing automation as an anti-spam measure.

[16:00] - Don’t be the pink-suit person where you get the wrong kind/unwanted attention.

[19:25] - When you’re connected to your ICP on LinkedIn and engage with other people’s content with thoughtful discussions, your ICP is able to see this which creates an online fireside chat of sorts giving them a frontrow seat to your insights.

[22:00] - Jason reveals an impactful strategy they've uncovered for capturing the attention of their ideal customer profiles (ICPs). They engage in thoughtful interactions by commenting and engaging with the ICP of their ICPs' content (their customer’s customer). Through this approach, the intended target leads observe their meaningful engagement with mutual connections, establishing credibility and influence.

[25:00] - We explore additional beneficial features offered by the Engage AI platform, including support for over 100 languages. We discuss how it tracks profiles to ensure you stay updated on your prospect's posts, and we highlight its mobile app, which streamlines the process of approving posts on the go.

[28:35] Jason explains that the product costs only $30 per month, with 80% of their current paid users being SMB Technical Founders and the remaining 20% being Managers at Medium/Enterprise businesses who pay for it on behalf of their representatives. This indicates a significant opportunity for more companies to distinguish themselves by sponsoring this tool/approach and incorporating it into their organization's social selling strategy.

[30:00] Derrick presents eye-opening statistics regarding the sales opportunity on LinkedIn, illustrating how expansive the channel remains for salespeople.

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